The Healing Power of Dead Sea Salt & Mud

As a massage and spa therapist I have seen first hand the healing power of salt scrubs and mud wraps. Their ability to shed dead skin cells and draw toxins from the body is unparalleled. However, not all salt and mud products are created equal. The absolute best salt and mud beauty products in the world come from the Dead Sea.

Did you know that the Dead Sea consists of more than one third of salt? This is the highest concentration of salt of any body of water in the world. This ancient sea is a healing, mineral laden treasure trove and every year tens of thousands of people flock to the Middle East to bathe in the rejuvenating waters and cover themselves from head to toe in glorious, mineral rich mud.

However if you can’t get to the Middle East don’t despair. You can enjoy the healing power of a Dead Sea salt scrub and mud wrap in your local health spa or beauty clinic or even in the privacy of your own home. Yes, today these deeply healing products are readily available at your local health store or natural products store and are more affordable than most people think.

If you’ve ever had a salt scrub you’ll know just how wonderful and silky smooth that your skin feels afterward. It truly is remarkable you simply cannot stop rubbing your skin and commenting on how smooth it feels. I can say this confidently after treating hundreds of clients over the years. As for mud wraps, well I have personally seen deep detoxification occur, including the removal of whole tumors due to the deep drawing power of the Dead Sea mud.

This may sound hard to believe however it’s important to understand that although these kinds of treatments sound all new and exotic they have actually been used for thousands of years for treating very serious health conditions. They are certainly nothing new and this it seems is yet another case of the modern world catching up with ancient powerful knowledge.

If you haven’t yet experienced a Dead Sea salt scrub or mud wrap, I highly recommend that you try it at least once. The benefits are immediately felt and experienced. There is simply no greater healer than Mother Nature herself and when it comes to Dead Sea products, you are harnessing the healing power of Mother Nature at it’s most potent. Enjoy!

Sex Healing Power: Top 10 Effects of Sex on Human Health

It is quite unfortunate that many couples have a kind of sex life that is casual. They have little or no emotional attraction at a deep level, which can help to improve on their mental and physical health. This is because they are yet to realize sex healing power.

Sex transcends your thought of it as an ordinary activity that you need to satisfy your sexual urge and have sensual excitements. It is important to understand that it is an intimate marriage activity as well as a sex healing therapy for your body.

As a matter of fact, sex is healing. The sensual excitements that come with it have a great sex healing power that can ensure a considerable measure of good health. Therefore, the following are simple reasons why you must have sex frequently in order to release the sex healing energy in your whole being, that is, spirit, soul and body.

1. Romance and sex help to consume excess calories that have been eaten in the day. This is because certain amounts of energy are used up when having sex. The energy is released as sweat in the body.

2. Sex releases endorphins into the blood stream, thus enhancing good mood for your mind. It makes you feel relaxed. This makes sex a natural preventive measure against mild depression. Women who are sexually satisfied are the most happy.

3. Another sex healing power is the reduction of the risk of prostate cancer. The reproductive organ is kept relaxed and strong through hormonal production.

4. Having been scientifically proved, a certain amount of estrogen hormone is secreted in women’s body during sex. This has been known to keep the hair shining and the skin smooth. It is a natural beauty treatment for women who want to use sex healing therapy instead of cosmetics.

5. Sex is the safest tranquilizer you can think of.

6. Sex can relieve you of stuffiness of the nose when you have cold or fever. This is because sex is a natural antihistamine for your body.

7. Whenever you have mild headache, try sex healing power because it can help to gain relief. It simply takes care of the mental tension that restricts blood vessels in your brain.

8. A good love-making episode that is done with a relaxed mind lowers the possibility of suffering from certain skin diseases such as skin rashes and blemishes. This is because the pores of the skin are cleansed by sweat, thereby making it smooth and healthy.

9. If you are sexually active, your body will yield a greater quantity of a biochemical substance referred to as pheromone. It is a natural sex perfume on your body which adds to your sexual attraction before your husband.

10. Sex is a physical exercise for your body. So, try to have sexual intercourse with your partner as often as possible.